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The ASTROLOGY white paper

Introduction to SCIENTIFIC Astrology - by Rudolf Megert

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100% scientific accurate personal horoscopes and astrological advice

100% accurate love / partnership comparison horoscopes and astrological advice

100% scientific accurate executive hiring horoscopes & astrological advice

100% scientific accurate relocation horoscopes and astrological advice

The ASTROLOGY white paper
Questions answered: Contents: (click'n jump to)
How does all this work?
What can it do for you?
What is the difference to common astrology?
What is Astrology anyway?
Do future prediction make sense?
Is there life out there? (not directly Astro related)
Personal Horoscopes
Relocation Horoscopes
Partnership Comparison Horoscopes
Future Trend Analysis
Executive Hiring Advice
Extra terrestrial life forms (opinion only)

First of all:
The following Astrology information, introduction and explanations are not superficial Star sign level stuff!
I myself do not "believe" in Astrology (nor in much else) as in my understanding believing is exactly at the halfway point only between "babydom" (meaning knowing absolutely nothing) and "wisdom" (meaning being completely researched, educated and informed about issues in question, in short having SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE).

Accuracy, scientific -and therefore provable- accuracy in Astrology is essential for it's credibility!

As a relentless researcher who never had the tendency to be happy just believing in whatever i found on astrology information but rather wanting to analyze things until i was absolutely sure this or that is exactly true and fact i have accumulated "astrological wisdom" that has nothing to do with superstitious believing or nicely "psychologized answers".

So what differs between scientific Astrologer Rudolf Megert's acclaimed 100% accurate astrological advice and the more common "Star sign" or Zodiac Astrologer?

Let's start with horoscope comparisons for love compatibility or any partnership relation questions.

Any news paper or online "entertainment" Astrologer or Horoscope can tell you that (example) Arias and Capricorn do not go along well or that -in the Chinese Astrology - the year of the Rat is not a great choice for someone born in a year of the Cat.
Is that it?
Maybe it is good enough for some, but since someone isn't just a "Cat" or a Taurus there is of course much more to compatibility checks.
Accurate relationship tendencies need to be researched by comparing 2 (or more) COMPLETE Horoscope Charts to each other!
Some advanced Astrologers will do exactly this and so do i.
Yet, there is still one more thing i can do better with scientific Astrology then they can with common Astrology.
The difference is already explained on my personal horoscopes pages
  • Partnership Comparison Horoscopes may become increasingly more useful in our modern society where divorce rates seem to reach alarming numbers and new ways of heading into relations that will last and are beneficial to each partner are therefore a good help.

  • Why not seek scientific knowledge about the positive and negative effects a certain partnership will create to start it off on a "informed basis" and more understanding for each other?
  • This sort of information may nowadays be even more important on the CEO and management levels of performance oriented corporations and industries!
  • Executive Hiring Advice

    Which applicant for this or that crucial leading position delivers?
    Great references, a skilled hand shake, a winning smile are momentarily nice things to go by, even a "handwriting test" is very entertaining, but if you as the boss want to really really know who will work best in your interest this particular and as many future years as possible then you will unmistakably be best advised with a scientific accurate personal horoscope that specifically looks into your applicants current and future performance trends (so called "Transit Positions").
    Such personal character and performance reports can offer you great unbeatable confidence in your selection process!
    Astrologer Rudolf Megert offers an executive astrological advice very particular on a 100% scientific accurate Level!
    Again, the difference between SCIENTIFIC Astrology by Rudolf Megert and the common Astrology is within the knowledge base of my scientific approach to this formerly as "superstition" handled field of expertise, please test me out on this!

    A totally different issue is the

    Relocation Horoscopes

    In my long history of work in Astrological Research (since 1985) i came across numerous horoscopes of people with this or that problem that did not actually come from their own personality (their Radix Horoscope - ergo birth constellation) nor where such a temporary occurrence (their Transit Positions) but they simply had a House System that mismatched to their Radix Planets.
    Difficult Radix aspects to the Ascendant / Descendant or MC / IC axis or XII. House positions (to name here just the major ones) often cause setbacks in getting ahead in life, to be loved, to be healthy, have a good social life or to be able to develop yourself well.
    In such cases relocation can often help considerably.
    If relocation is done on the good old "someone told me it's great there" basis it could very well turn out that it was maybe great for that someone - but for you things went from bad to worse.
    Obviously, this way is a gamble, so why not - once again - do it the modern way, put a little science into how you choose the RIGHT new location?

    Never heard of this, no clue how it works??

    You may never heard of this because you never meet scientific Astrologer and Artists Rudolf Megert or haven't been on to one of his web pages.
    I am to my knowledge the only one in this field of "applied Astrology", and boy am i good at it! In fact so good that i have successfully used it myself for the past 17 years in my wandering life.
    So, if you want to go straight to the top advice, rather then taking uncertain chances, Relocation Astrology by Rudolf Megert will be able to find a place (or places) as good as it possibly can get for you, global, worldwide, or just within your borders.

    How would this even be possible?

    A Horoscope is generally calculated for a persons place of birth, to be precise, to the longitude and latitude of that place.
    this determines the HOUSE SYSTEM on that place of birth at the time of birth.
    If someone now relocates away from the place of birth the difference in longitude / latitude between place of birth and new place of living will be used by me to recalculate and adjust the House System to the new place of living which will then reveal a new picture of how well the interaction between this persons Radix Position and this new place will be.
    Since this is a unique specialty of Rudolf Megert, my own very small innovation in Astrology i will not explain this here in more detail, to keep up the "unfair advantage", but like always with my scientific astrology, 100% accuracy guaranteed, especially in this sector of expertise that i use so often to plan my global travels!

    All the so far explained things scientific astrology can do for you - far better then any other form of Astrological Advice - have of course a common basis, the


    (let me rephrase that, a SCIENTIFIC 100% ACCURATE PERSONAL HOROSCOPE it should say, simply to reflect on the difference to any common horoscope.

    What is the difference, aren't other professional astrologers delivering just about the same?

    If we stay with "Astrologers" and leave the "Psychics", "Tarot card readers" and such "Entertainment Level fortune tellers" aside you indeed find common ground amongst the elite in Personality and Time reading Astrologers.
    The Planets positions -as noted in good Ephemeries tables for each 24 hours at any past, present or future position of the planets in our Solar System - are the first and foremost ingredient of good horoscoping.
    The energies of the planets are the widest known pillar of Astrology, often simplified as "signs of the Zodiac" or "Star signs".
    The warmth, joy and power of the central Sun (equal to the sign Leo for example), the intellect of Mercury, the control freak and father figure Saturn, the feminine Venus and so on.
    I came across "anti Astrology" people who dispute that those energies are such or have an impact on how we fare, but i think we life in a world where anyone is entitled to disagree, even if it doesn't make much sense as in this case.

    The constellation of all the planets at the EXACT moment the Navel cord is cut will be the "big scale gen string" of a persons life!

    I say "big scale gen string" especially in light of the current issues of cloning a human to be exactly as another human before him/her.
    It is obvious that "regular" science is slightly blind sided on this attempt.
    They would try to make an Elvis clone.
    Now, Elvis was Elvis because of his parenthood and his particular birth moment.
    The cloned Elvis however will not be born on the same day Elvis did and that is why Clone-Elvis will never be more then a misguided experiment!
    He may have the exact genes of the original but his planet constellation will be different and most likely not reflect on the originals character at all, Cloney-Boy may be rather "disturbed" as a result of it.

    Back to Astrology!
    All Astrologers furthermore use Aspects between the Planets as "quality indicators".
    Negative aspects indicate problems, positive aspects easy going progress in simple terms.
    Of course it is not as easy as black on white with aspects as most horoscopes have a multitude of both types of aspects that often contradict each other. 
    In such cases the Astrologer has to either use common sense or - much better - evaluate the accurate situation in a one-on-one consultation, my favorite way to deliver a horoscope interpretation as astrological advice service anyway!

    The Planets in the Houses

    is the next step all professional good Astrologers still touch common ground.
    As already explained under Relocation Horoscopes the House System is extracted and calculated from the precise hour and minute of a birth plus the longitude / latitude of the place of birth and basically puts the planet constellation down on earth!
    The 12 Houses inform the Astrologer about a persons interaction in his/her environment at any given place on the planet.
    Just a planet constellation alone would be like a person living on a totally isolated lonely island.
    Seldom we are "islanders", there are numerous interactions even for the loneliest amongst us.
    Intellectual, personal, totally unpersonal, business style, intimate and so on, the Planets positions in the various Houses give - along with the aspects - a good insight into a persons health, individuality, success etc. on a particular global location.
    like with the Planets and the Aspects there are favorable and less favorable Houses to have Planets in, but as someone's place of birth is not theirs to choose they may have to find their best place later on in life.

    This has been the overall sectors where good common Astrology and SCIENTIFIC Astrology do not differ.

    Now there is the little extra;

  • Already hundreds of years ago these same things where common astrological knowledge, but back then they did not know of the existence of the ALL IMPORTANT (because slow moving and therefore long lasting and entire generations influencing) Planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

  • However, already back then they possessed another form of knowledge, one that got almost lost during the long years Astrology was less popular because of it's prediction failure rate was naturally to high do to the named 3 unknown Planets.

    I will not specifically name this additional source of knowledge here, again just to keep up the "unfair advantage", but the interested reader of my Astrology Book Script will find out anyway.
    So, despite the missing 3 Planets back then they already had quite amazing astrological insights.
    Our modern Astrologers unfortunately see Astrology first and foremost as a business rather then a field that also needs new input and an evolution, so they just take what's somewhere written down already for them to use, without a modern critical analysis and interpret accordingly on a limited level and charge for it.
    No sign of evolution, no new input, no mutation from the Age of Pisces (the Age of religion style believing) to the Age of Aquarius (the Age of electrifying inspirations, social understanding and scientific research).

  • Here is where SCIENTIFIC Astrology plows the path free and with it differs to the common New Age Astrologers capabilities.
  • I take ALL the wisdom they have gathered over hundreds of years in the past, combine it with the latest astronomy science and bring in my own critical observations and innovative research results!
  • Of course, i do not focus on the western Astrology alone, i respect and fully use all 5 paths of the Chinese Astrology as well and integrate them always in any astrological advice giving and have also in this field made my individual contribution to the evolution of global astrology on a scientific level.
  • The scientific Astrologer is the Psychologist of Astronomy if you like.

    Past Astrologers have been able to make up to 60% accurate assessments and predictions.
    Today's common "market" Astrologers achieve about the same level of accuracy or the best ones up to 75% on good days, but without a 100% covering knowledge base they all fail at the top!

    Scientific Astrology covers also those final 25-40%, scientific provable so to speak, I encourage you to test it next time you seek answers or solutions!

    Future Predictions, Future Trend Reading, Astrological Trend Analysis

    Future predictions seem to be the most fascinating side of Astrology. Probably mainly so because of people like Nostradamus a.s.o. who made predictions for hundreds of years in advance. This naturally keeps up interest and curiosity, just to see if or if not they where accurate.
    Scientific Astrology can of course do the same even better, but i personally am convinced this is a waste of time.
    Future Predictions however make A LOT OF SENSE for a few years ahead, 1 to 10 years max., anything thereafter is of little realistic use.
    Also, readings of constellations are subject to the art of interpretation (or level of informed wisdom). 
    Some Astrologer maybe individually a bit better then the other in this speculative task, but it still is partially speculative! Astrological Advice on a 100% scientific accurate level should not incorporate unnecessary speculation, but ...
    ..fact is that as long as it concerns the interpretation of a Personal Horoscope the Astrologer can communicate with this person to deeper analyze particularly complex aspect situations, but in global future trend analysis there is no one we can ask to clarify complex uncertain constellations!
    For better understanding I add here a simplified trend analysis for 2003 (written on the 17th of January 2003)
    The year has actually started on a pretty bad situation (astrologically speaking).
    There is currently a heavy negative aspect (Saturn to Pluto) in progress and 18º Sagittarius is one of the degrees this aspect stood on - fortunately only until 3 days ago - and this indeed would have indicated a "i give a dam about what the rest of the world thinks" attitude of hatred and feelings of heavy burdens laying on all of us and perhaps the desire to let it all out in an eruption of violent clashes (war in Iraq).
    Now that this specially negative degree is past for a while there is still the heavy burden feelings that remain until the middle of April but the degree positions will be far less critical, rather diplomatic, here i see the slow ease off from the current tense times rather than an escalation despite the unpleasant few months ahead.
    From February to the middle of June there will be a second negative aspect of concern, but I see this aspect more as one that will bring sudden unexpected unpleasantries into regular human contacts. Generally speaking not the best times then to make exiting new positive contacts or expect great joy out of existing contacts.
    This again is in my opinion by no means an indication for war like escalations and aggressions.
    Come the start of the second half of 2003 the world will have the unique opportunity - and please take notice of this as it does not occur all to often for such an extensive period of time - to see itself as it is, totally uninfluenced by any negative or positive long term planet constellation!
    This period will last for the entire second half of 2003.
    Of course this does not mean the Earth will stand still and nothing will happen at all - well, maybe to those who always look for some action it will, but to the Astrologer such a period means basically there is nothing to predict, but a lot to observe about the true nature of our existence.
    To most of us the second half of 2003 will simply be comparatively eventless (on the global scale, not necessarily so for a particular individual, this here is about global trends that have a general influence background on us all, not the individual. Example: I had a great year in 1993 while all around especially Europe was having it's great "economy crisis".
    The years 1992, especially then 1993 and lesser so also 1994 where predicted by me as rather difficult and (to make here a little further reaching future prediction) so will be the years around 2053 when I expect the next serious crisis to occur.

    Additional thought:

    Extra terrestrial life forms

    As an (Astro-) logical thinking observer of our Solar System and it's interactive influences i can not help but come to the following conclusion regarding this widely popular phenomena;
    Life forms always have to be born somehow, the planetary influence for this is Moon/Earth, the motherhood principal, not for nothing we call it "Mother Earth".
    Our Mother Planet is embedded between Venus and Mars, the female and male principle.
    All though there are rare exceptions to the male/female principle as initial friction that creates life, that's where it basically comes from.
    In short, life forms need naturally 3 principles to be created and blossom, male, female and motherhood.
    Would "serious" (school) science agree on this principle of life?
    If so, it is obvious that the NASA hype about life on Mars is more of a hope to raise funds for further explorations then a logical possibility as there simply is no other principle of life in our Solar System then within the alliance Venus - Earth/Moon - Mars where the actual life is only received and nourished on Earth.
    If we look further out, to other Solar Systems, the situation - if we trust Earth reflects an overall "rule of nature" - would be just the same.
    Should there be anything similar to our system, especially with a "Mother Planet" in it, we should expect to find life forms on it, so perhaps science and space science in particular should start to focus on the future task to search and probe into next Solar Systems to look for a possible Mother Planet rather then waste time with a dead rock such as Mars.
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