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This is my revolutionary discovery:

to a graphic of the circle of all 6 basic elements of life

  • Puzzeld by the fact that the Chinese always had 5 Elements, I spent years of researching to sort out the difference to our 4 Elements.
  • This is the result (in short): The Chinese Element "METAL" is in our understanding OXYGEN. So far nothing really new. 

  • The Chinese Element "WOOD" however is the creative spirit, is the 5th ELEMENT "SPIRIT"! 
    In the Bible - and still in many people´s mind - it is the "holy spirit", or a "man" that created everything, see´s everything, judges everyone. No longer so! That "man" (who has a different name in every world-culture) exists only in human imagination, in reality however it is an ELEMENT that created - and still creates forever - out of the 4 so far known Elements new forms of existence. We humans have a lot of this Element in us. Proof: Everything we´ve created - and that´s a lot - started in our SPIRIT, in our dreams, visions and ideas that is.
    SPIRIT is elementary dreaming and thinking, therefore THE BASIS OF EVERY CREATIVITY!
  • But every creation has got a certain lifespan. Nothing has ever been forever. That´s where the 6th ELEMENT comes in, TIME! TIME is the final limitation of every creation.

  • As SPIRIT is the beginning of everything composed out of EARTH, WATER, OXYGEN and FIRE, TIME will always separate every creation over and over again.
  • The side effect of this discovery:
    No one needs to pray to any gods any longer, because behind of those creations of the human imagination is nothing but these 2 new basic Elements!
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