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Interpretation for a Planet-Constellation on a persons BIRTHPLACE.
The Asc. = 15° Gemini
May not be overwelmingly successful, but will always find ways to combine their activitys with their ideals. Good Mediators between any kind of people.
positiv to Pluto and MC.
Very sophisticated personality, will set the standard around home and within the personal environment. Recover fast. Advancing effects by the environment for this person.
In the I. House:

negative Moon node = 25° Gemini
Mercury = 1/2° Cancer

Upsetting situations will outrage this person off and on. Easily angered personality, each outburst a individual crisis. Besides of that normally well adapted and rather shy, but enormeously aware of everything that goes on. Inellectual researcher type, mostly busy with own things
For neg. Moon node see pos. Moon node.
Mercury pos. to Venus, Moon, Pluto and Neptune,
neg. to pos. Moon node.
Pleasant, creative and with excellent observing qualities gifted personality. Best developed in a quiet highly cultivated home, doing artistic work. To refined for any primitive environment. Very charming - but aware - communicators amongst friends. Unfortunately this person tends to be either way ahead of time, in the future somewhere, where most people can’t reach, or somewhere way back in time where everyone else has left a long time ago. Therefore often misunderstood.

Tip of II. House = 8º Cancer
Know how to make and keep money. Preferably earned with some real work rather that gambling or such.
In the II. House:

Venus = 7º Cancer
(The Sun belongs with its Orb already into the III. House)
Likes money, would have talents to deal in art or fashion, but is most likely just to lazy, or even masochistic, when it comes to the real deal.
Venus pos. to Moon.
Very cultivated and loving. Financial success through woman. Seeks to deal with woman anyway. Rather popular among females.

Tip of III. House = 27º Cancer
The real philosopher and dreamer.
In the III. House:

Sun = 21º Cancer
Uranus = 27 ½º Cancer
Mars = 2º Leo
Jupiter = 6 ½º Leo

Plus Transit Saturn (in this Example-Interpretation I only indicate the long term Transits – for the middle of July 2005 – through the Houses, without their eventual temporary aspects to any planets in the Radix).
Lots of brainpower (and brainstorms) here. Very "dual-sided" though. One side rather lazy, philosophical and dependent, the other side extremely dynamic, totally independent and superior. Need to constantly feed the brain with new things to learn and experience, preferably by staying around other intellectuals, in learning Institutions or by travelling around. Expression of thoughts either soft-spoken philosophical, or too outspoken for comfort.
Saturn’s Transit will bring depth into all thoughts and more serious thinking in general.
Sun pos. (or neg.) to Uranus, Saturn and Mars,
neg. to Neptune.
Uranus neg. to Mars and Neptune.
Mars pos. to Jupiter,
neg. to Moon.
Jupiter neg. to Moon.
Friendships or intimate relations tend to separation due to the often too outspoken or weird intellectual expressions or attitude of this person. With such a "brainy" it is simply hard for anyone average to follow foot. Caught by some universal future tension this brain might just be to far away from anyone else. Speculative thoughts and unrealistic romantic dreams have the tendency to end up in some chaos or intriguing attacks from others. Has somewhat perverted morals too.

The IC = 14º Leo
Natural Authority. Strong, self-assure and brave from within.
IC pos. to Neptune
The environment helps to activate creativity.
In the IV. House:

Pluto = 25º Leo
Would love to have a big home with plenty of rooms to do all sorts of creative things. Will always try to do everything in the best possible fashion and will never give up on this standard. Tend to be interested in things off the beaten track.
Pluto to Moon node
Rather popular and attractive, as individual as well than as partners.

Tip of V. House = 29º Virgo
Strange attitude towards intimacy. Doesn’t like to talk about such things, keeps it inside.
In the V. House:

Neptune = 25 ½º Libra
Transit Jupiter and negative Moon node

Need for romance, seduction and love. Artistic talent, but oversensitive sensuality. Will either have artistic fine children too, or difficulties to have one at all. Has lots of creative energies, but often not the knowledge how to use it well. Nevertheless chances to be successful exist.
With Jupiter and neg. Moon node in transit here this person will spend more time and interest in the more joyful sides of live.
Neptune positive to Moon node.
Good useful sense for people all around. Contacts to other fine people. Will be the resting center in any partnership.

Tip of VI. House = 14º Scorpion
Prefers to enjoy live in all its colorful shades rather than to work hard. A bit superficial and idle, but rather generous.
In the VI. House:

Saturn = 14 ½º Scorpion
Very disciplined and usually active enough to be more than well informed about anything that has to do with whatever work that has to be done, or about health matters. Not too much into working though, except for intellectual work by trying to solve own problems before helping others out.
Saturn neg. to MC / IC.
Difficulties to establish any sort of good, lasting or comfortable forthcoming at a job as well as a stable situation at home around the family. Family members or Employers will be hard on this person, which can lead to frustration and "give it all up’ feelings. Health problems (Teeth, Bones) will occur, perhaps as psychosomatic results from the above described situations.

The Descendent = 15º Sagittarius
Mindlessly longing for far horizons.
In the VII. House:

Positive Moon node = 25º Sagittarius
Transit Pluto.

A fortunate optimistic attitude and never any serious enemies. Understands live as a theater play, and knows the rules on stage. A bit nervous and strange.
Transit Pluto here indicates more time will go into intense relationships, or trying to get into such.
Tip of VIII. House = 8º Capricorn
Rather ambitious when it comes to public contacts. Looses often sight of basic private needs, which can have a negative effect health wise.
Tip of IX. House = 27º Capricorn
Takes live often to serious and heavy, tends to see only the material side of it and may actually become rich with this attitude.

The MC = 14º Aquarius
Crazy creative. Interested in the new and unusual. Always good for a surprise, always ahead in the future, but also often quarrelsome.
In the X. House:

Transit Neptune and Uranus.
Career matters and PR position will take up a lot of interest these years. It may be a rather unusual type of position in society. Important is to find acknowledgement for made achievements.

Tip of XI. House = 29º Pisces
Reflects a bit to often in other peoples eyes, and is therefore quite dependent on their opinion.
In the XI. House:

Moon = 6º Taurus
Transit of positive Moon node
Need for many friends, especially female friends, but likes to carefully choose them. Very loving and caring towards those friends.
With pos. Moon node in transit here this person will find help whenever needed by friends, and prefers anyway to do things together with others.
Tip of XII. House = 14º Taurus
Needs to get around. Rather superficial, always in some rush, everywhere and nowhere.

A intellectual, fine, sensible yet even oversensitive "brainiac", but not a hard physical worker, with a open question if or what will be the acknowledged lifetime achievement.

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